How To Extend the Life Of Your Air Conditioning System

How To Extend the Life Of Your Air Conditioning System

No amount of maintenance can guarantee the eternal life of your air conditioning system. However, there are simple to complex strategies that can help you extend its service lifespan. Are you willing to give them a try?

Check out these tips below!

·         Schedule A Tune-Up Per Year

Maintenance services are crucial in keeping the proper performance of your air conditioning unit. Setting a schedule at least once a year guarantees its longevity.  Maintenance checks include adding lubrication, thorough cleaning, and professional inspection for potential issues in the mechanical and electrical component. The perfect time for A/C maintenance service is during the spring season. By submitting your unit to complete check, you will have peace of mind that it won’t fail in the long summer months.

·         Change the Air Filters Regularly

Most A/C issues root from a dirty air filter. Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants get stuck and build-up in the filter, preventing the proper flow of air. If this happens, too much pressure is given to your unit resulting in poor comfort and overheating of the components, specifically the compressor. As your local HVAC pros in West Babylon, NY, we recommend you change the filters every three months or more regularly.

·         Upgrade your Insulation

The more your unit runs, the lesser it will last. And to keep the conditioned air inside, you will need the help of your home’s insulations. Insufficient insulation can allow the conditioned air to move out, resulting in greater effort and longer performance of your air conditioning unit. During your home improvement project, be sure to schedule a professional home evaluation to identify the leaks and weak spots of your home’s insulation. When identified, have them fixed immediately for a more secured home.

·         Clear the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit

The condenser unit may be located outside, but this is as important as the indoor components of your HVAC. Always take time to check if plants have grown high or dirt have accumulated around the component. Never suffocate your condenser as it can overheat and fail. Let it get the much-needed air it needs by clearing its surrounding.

·         Reduce the Burden of Your A/C

Help your air conditioner cool your home efficiently. Invest in smart thermostats and reflective shades. Smart thermostats can help you manipulate the performance of your unit effectively. The reflective shades can help block sunlight in your windows, which bring additional heat in your home. You may also use ceiling fans to lessen the burden of your unit. Fans help distribute the cold air, thus increasing your comfort and reducing your dependence to your air conditioning unit.

Take it from our experts at All Seasons Air Conditioning. For more helpful HVAC tips, feel free to visit our page!

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