5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality This Summer

5 Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality This Summer

You’re probably spending more time indoors this summer, especially when the temperature outside is too hot to bear. Is your indoor air quality safe for your long-hour stay?

Your indoor atmosphere can be five to ten times more polluted than the outside. Unless you want a vast amount of pollution to get in your lungs, we recommend you check on these IAQ tips from our professionals at All Season’s Air Conditioning Co.

1.       Keep the floors clean.

Everyone keeps on running in and out of the house in the summer, which calls for higher chances of pollens and allergens stocked in the different parts of your home. Don’t let your home be filled up with these asthma and allergy-causing particles. Let everyone leave their shoes outside and set a routine cleaning schedule at least thrice a week.

2.       Clean the ducts.

Most pollutants settle and gather in the duct, and when you run your air conditioner in the summer, the air will stir and blow them to the different parts of your home. As a local heating and cooling company in Long Island, we recommend you have your ducts cleaned at least once a year to ensure that the air you breathe at home is safe and clean.

3.       Add some potted plant.

Plants can boost your indoor air quality by converting toxins into usable oxygen. Instead of using those chemical-based air purifiers, try adding pots of plants in your home for a safer indoor atmosphere.

4.       Clean the air filters.

Air filters help in trapping air pollutants, dirt, and dust in the air. To keep its proper performance, you need to have it cleaned or replaced every three months. If you have pets at home or your family members have severe allergies or respiratory problems, we recommend you do your filter maintenance tasks every two months.

5.       Watch how often you open your windows

Watch for days with high pollen counts and never open your windows. Fresh air may sound good, but it carries a huge amount of pollen and airborne toxins that can pollute your indoor atmosphere. On these days, keep your windows closed and let your air conditioning unit do the work in keeping your cool.

Improve your indoor air quality by simply changing some of the usual activities you do at home. For more expert tips in helping you enjoy a comfortable summer in Long Island, feel free to talk to our experts. You can also browse through our page and see what we can offer for your better comfort!

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