Home Heating Mistakes that Cost You More this Holiday Season

Home Heating Mistakes that Cost You More this Holiday Season

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, home heating comprises about 42% of your energy bill. Did you know that it can go even higher this holiday if you incorrectly use your heating system?

Our team at All Seasons Air Conditioning won’t let that happen, though. Read on to find out the common home heating mistakes you do right now, so you’ll know what to avoid.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Many homeowners are cranking up the temperature on their thermostat, thinking that their space will warm faster. It’s a big mistake! Doing it will just increase your energy consumption and cause your unit to work harder. With too much strain placed on your unit, you’re more likely paying high bills and facing early replacement.

Ignoring Your Air Filter

It seems like you’re like welcoming your guests with dirt when you neglect your air filter this holiday season. You may never know it, but the air in your home can be five times deadlier than the outdoor air. Replacing your air filter regularly can help prevent the pollutants from lurking around your home and attacking your family and guests.

Avoiding Annual Maintenance

Ignoring regular and proper maintenance for your HVAC system can result in reduced performance and efficiency of your unit. Your HVAC has been working year-round, and without regular maintenance, it might end its life at the least expected time. Remember, signing up for preventive maintenance is much cheaper than buying a new unit. Think about it!

Covering Your Thermostat with Decorations

Wow, your house looks so ready for Christmas. But wait, where’s your thermostat? Did you hide it again? Covering your thermostat with holiday decorations isn’t a good idea. You don’t expect the device to read your home’s temperature accurately when it is covered with decor. So be sure not to do it again this time, or else you’ll find yourself paying a large amount of cash for high utility bills.

Blocking the Vent

You may unknowingly block the vent with Christmas tree and gifts, and this is something you should look out for this holiday. A blocked vent can cause discomfort as the heated air won’t be distributed equally throughout your home. It even puts too much pressure on your unit as the system doubles the effort to meet the heating demand of your home.

Don’t let these common mistakes take the fun out of your holiday experience. You and your family deserve a warm and cozy Christmas, so be sure to follow the right home heating steps.

Whether you’re looking for more comfort tips or needing a furnace repair on Long Island, we’ll be glad to help. Contact All Seasons Air Conditioning today!

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