Port Washington’s HVAC Pros Explain Why Should You Pick Ductless Mini-Split A/C

Port Washington's HVAC Pros Explain Why Should You Pick Ductless Mini-Split A/C

Why Should You Pick Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Shopping for a new air conditioning system? You are probably wondering if a
ductless unit (which most homeowners prefer) is also a good choice for your Port
Washington, NY home. The answer, of course, will depend on the unique situation of
your place.

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However, as your local HVAC contractor, we recommend you choose ductless air
conditioners. Here are five (5) good reasons why:

Money Savings

An efficient ductless air conditioning unit can help reduce your energy consumption
big time. This type of A/C operates at substantially less energy so that you could
save up to 20 to 30% on your energy bill per month.

Since a mini-split unit doesn’t require ductworks, the air flows straight to your home,
minimizing the chances of wasted energy. Be sure to immediately have your HVAC
replacement service in Port Washington, NY, to save you money in the long run.


Mini-split units can be installed in the different parts of your home and controlled
separately from the others. With this, you’ll be able to cool only the occupied rooms.
Their increased efficiency helps in reducing your home’s carbon footprint as well.
You are saving big time on your energy consumption while doing your part in saving
the environment.

Requires Little Installation

Installing a central air conditioning unit can take weeks to complete. It is because of
the presence of the duct system, which requires a lot of modifications and overhauls.

On the other hand, a ductless unit takes less time to install and doesn’t need
significant home renovations. You can even have your mini-split A/C installed
entirely in a single day. Call your local A/C installation service provider near Port
Washington, NY, for immediate installation.

Air Quality Improvement

Many IAQ pollutants such as dust, dirt, mold, and other chemicals accumulate and
multiply in the ducts. When your central A/C blows in the air, most of these
contaminants are winged inside your home, aggravating allergies and spreading

Since mini-split units have no ducts, you are guaranteed healthy, clean, and safe
indoor air to breathe inside your abode. Also, to further boost your indoor air quality,
we at All Seasons Air Conditioning offer the best air purifier in Port Washington,
NY, so be sure to check us out!

Silent Operation

A ductless air conditioning unit operates silently so you will not be distracted from
your work or relaxation. Its major operations are done outside your home, so you
don’t have to be side-tracked by the noise in your daily life. You won’t even realize
it’s there.

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