Most Common Reasons Behind An Air Conditioner Breakdown

Most Common Reasons Behind An Air Conditioner Breakdown

Summer is the time of the year when you’ll be firing your air conditioning in full blast. Unfortunately, this is also the time with the biggest chance of system malfunction and breakdown. Since air conditioning units are made up of complex mechanical components, a lot of things can go wrong in its operation.

Let’s tackle some of the most common reasons of A/C breakdown and what you can do to save your unit and comfort from this chaos.

  • Running your air conditioner with a dirty filter

If you don’t know it yet, air filters are crucial components of your unit that should be kept clean and clear all the time. There are maintenance tasks that you can do on your own, and this should include replacing the filters regularly to prevent congestion in the system’s airflow. As a trusted heating and cooling company in West Babylon, NY, we recommend you clean your filters every 1-3 months for better system efficiency.

  • Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant serves as the blood of your air conditioning unit. If your A/C runs on a low refrigerant level, it can create a domino effect of problems and might cause your system to completely breakdown. Note that your unit does not release refrigerant during its operation and the only reason for its insufficient is the presence of leaks. If not controlled, these leaks may develop in the summer and cause your unit to fail.

  • Heavy Usage

It’s undeniable that air conditioning units are among the busiest equipment at home this summer. This extreme work can lead to problems such as overheating, blown capacitors, tripped circuit breaker or worse, compressor failures. Ease your unit’s load by having lifestyle alterations and learning some tips to stay cool in the summer without relying on completely on your A/C.

  • Lack of Proper Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning units well-maintained is important to at least reduce the chances of system breakdown in the summer. While there are simple tasks that you can do yourself (like changing the filters and clearing the surroundings of your outdoor unit), a professional A/C maintenance service in West Babylon, NY will still be the one to give you peace of mind in the long summer months. Professional tune-up service includes checking the mechanical components for lubrication and repair needs, refrigerant check, coils, and drain line inspections, and many more.

Are you a bit unsure of the status of your air conditioning unit? Are you not confident that your system can stand the next heat wave? Let our professionals at All Seasons Air Conditioning guarantee your peace of mind! Schedule a professional A/C repair and maintenance service in West Babylon, NY today! Call us.

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