Mistakes to Avoid When Heating Your Home this Winter

Mistakes to Avoid When Heating Your Home this Winter

When you turn on your heating system, it’s probably not the cost that comes first into your mind—you just want the unit to work and feel the warm air kicking in. But as you fail to consider the factors that can impact high energy usage, you could be costing yourself more than you realize.

As you keep your home warm this winter, take time to consider these common mistakes to avoid giant energy costs. Continue reading below!

Cranking Up the Heat

All furnaces are operating at a single speed. Running your unit in full blast to heat up your space faster does nothing but forcing the system to operate longer to reach the set temperature. If you want to save extra cash on your heating bills, then set your unit to the desired temperature and patiently wait for the warm air to blow.

Not Changing the Air Filter

The dirty air filter in your furnace can obstruct the proper airflow and slow down the heating process. When this happens, your heating system will find it hard to heat your home, resulting in poor comfort, increased energy usage, and high utility costs. Take time to check your air filter regularly and replace it whenever needed.

Closing the Unused Vents

While it may seem logical to close the vents in unused rooms to provide sufficient heating to other rooms, it’s not a good idea. Your heating system and ductwork are sized appropriately to send equal heat output in all areas of your home. The stress on your unit will be more likely to increase, and its efficiency level is impaired when the heat distribution is not balanced. Be sure to keep all your vents open all year round.

Ignoring the Drafts

Drafts around your door and window can all lead to leaks. The cold outdoor air can pass through those cracks and holes, making your home less comfortable and increasing your utility costs. Go around your house and seal up the leaks to keep the heated air in and save big on your heating bills.

Not Scheduling Your Maintenance at the Right Time

Your heating system is a powerful machine, but it cannot do its job properly when its parts are failing. While maintenance is essential to keep the problems at bay, the biggest mistake homeowners did is getting the service in the winter when the temperature is at its lowest and the technicians are busy. Finding the right time to schedule your maintenance is essential—and best done in the fall.

Don’t let this year’s winter break your bank. Be sure to avoid these heating mistakes and call All Seasons Air Conditioning for professionals heating services.

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