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It’s understandable that you really can’t anticipate when your heating system will fail. Should you repair or replace it? With all the questions, one thing for sure is certain. You don’t want to find out your heating system needs to be replaced in the middle of a cold winter night.

That’s why All Seasons Air Conditioning made a list you can follow for you to identify the common warning signs your heater needs replacement.

7 Warning Signs Your Heater Needs Replacement

Being aware of the early symptoms your heating system need replacement is a great advantage. With that, here are the seven (7) warning signs your heater may need to be replaced.

Sudden Hike in Electricity Bills

If you suddenly experience a hike in your heating bills than the previous months, this may indicate that you have an inefficient heating system. No matter how well-maintained an HVAC system is, it will still lose efficiency over time due to aging.

Upgrading to a new and high-efficiency unit will keep your home warmer and reduce heating costs, saving you more money in the long run.

Aging Heating System

If you have an aging heating system, expect that your unit will be less efficient and is prone to constant repair and sudden breakdown. These reasons are enough for you to decide whether to keep or replace it. Best to replace them right away to save you from the hassle and worry it can bring.

Unusual Noise

A healthy heating system will most likely run quietly. However, if your heating system is starting to produce unusual noises, such as squealing, rattling, or banging, this may indicate a faulty heater needing replacement.

These noises are either a sign of faulty bearings, motor or blower, and compressor. So, be sure to reach All Seasons Air Conditioning to have your unit replaced immediately.

Short Cycles

Does your heating system experience frequent turning on and off for short periods? If so, then you have a short cycling problem. There are several reasons why your unit short cycles, such as wrong unit size, wrong thermostat setting, dirty air filters, etc., all of which can result in decreased efficiency.

Frequent Repair Needs

If your heating system suffers from frequent repairs in a short period, you can quickly waste money almost as much as the cost of a new unit. Instead of keeping an inefficient and faulty old heating system, it would make much more sense just to replace them altogether.

Constant Need for Thermostat Recalibration

Does your space still feel wrong after making constant recalibrations to your thermostat? If so, this may indicate that your furnace is not as functional as it should be.

If you experience uneven heating throughout your home or office, your heating system may have problems with air circulation in your space.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Does anyone in your family suffer from unexplained nausea, headaches, or burning eyes? If so, this could indicate they are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Older heating systems tend to produce leaks in the heat exchanger due to expansion and contraction.

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 If you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, it would be best to replace your old heating system. At All Seasons Air Conditioning, we ensure that you stay warm and comfortable all winter long. We are fully equipped and trained in the latest heating installation techniques; you can never go wrong trusting us.

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