Furnace Maintenance Tips for Winter Season

furnace maintenance tips for winter

Your furnace is your best pal during the chilly months of the winter season. You can always count on it to provide you and your loved ones the comfort level you need. For optimal performance, proper maintenance and care are essential.

Here are the following tips to prepare your furnace for the season:

Early Maintenance Schedule

A busted furnace system is the last thing that you wouldn’t want to happen during the cold nights of wintertime. Being proactive with preventive maintenance is the best thing to do to avoid this from happening. A regular furnace maintenance service helps your system operate better over the years while keeping emergency repairs at bay.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

You can actually do a visual inspection on the exterior of your furnace—and that would be easy. But if you own a gas furnace, inspection is best left to the hands of the pros. They’ll see to it that the venting pipes and draining tubes are securely angled and fastened. Through a comprehensive inspection, you’ll know if your system is experiencing some issues.

Clear the Furnace Draining Tube

Propane and natural gas furnaces typically produce a small volume of water when heating. Though some of it turns into exhaust steam, some go to the drainage tube. If the drainage tube clogs, the water may cause the system to shut down. But if the drainage tube is always empty, then you have nothing to worry about excess water.

Dusting and Vacuuming

Proper cleaning and dusting is one way to maintain your furnace system effectively. Use a soft-tipped paintbrush and gently clean the inner components to get rid of the debris and dirt. Once you’re done with dusting, the next thing to do is use a portable vacuum to clean your space.

Check the Thermostat Wires

Inspecting the thermostat wires is one way to check that it’s not tight or exposed to any elements or pests that could destroy the cables when not in use.

Consult an HVAC Expert

Last but not least! If you don’t have the time and energy to conduct regular furnace system maintenance, one of the best solutions is to contact a pro HVAC contractor. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to maintain your HVAC system properly.

Winter is just around the corner! If you want to ensure that your furnace will provide you enough heat and comfort during the season, All Seasons Air Conditioning is here to help with maintenance and other services. Call us at 631-694-1616 today!

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