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What Does Your Air Conditioner Do for Your Home?

Summers are usually warm and humid in Glen Head, NY. When it’s hot here, the temperature can get between 83 to 90 degrees F. During these times, you need your A/C to perform at its best.

But your air conditioner does more than just giving you cool air. It actually does a few other things, such as:

Keeps Dust and Dirt Away

Your A/C is part of your HVAC system, and it helps to filter out dust and dirt to prevent them from circulating in your home. It also filters out spores, pollen, and other irritants.

Keeps Your Home Clean

The filters in the A/C prevent pollutants from getting inside the house. This is the way your unit helps to keep your house clean.

Climate Control

A brand new air conditioner allows you to optimally control the climate inside your home no matter how hot outdoors.

Top 5 Signs That You Need a New A/C Installation

Limited Airflow

Of all the signs of a failing air conditioner, this is probably the one that is most obvious to homeowners. You turn on your A/C, but then the air that comes out isn’t even cool, and this goes on a few minutes. When this happens, contact the pros to determine whether you need a replacement or repair.

Moisture Build-up

All air conditioners will produce some amount of moisture due to their condensation process. However, if your unit is producing too much water and moisture and in places where they shouldn’t collect or gather, then this is a sure sign of a serious problem.

Strange Sounds

Your air conditioner should only be producing a gentle hum when it is turned on. The fan shouldn’t be making a lot of noise. The same is true for the other parts. Some A/Cs are even designed to be very quiet. If you hear some clunking or grinding sounds, then that hints at a serious problem with your unit.

Bad Smelling Air

The air coming from your system should be clean, filtered, allergen-free, and cool. If your unit is emitting the opposite (i.e., foul-smelling air), then there is something seriously wrong with your A/C.

Steady Increase in Energy Bills

You know that you are in need of A/C installation in Glen Head, NY if you get a spike in your energy bills. If you check your previous bills, you may notice that they have been going up for some time now. Combine this with the other symptoms mentioned earlier, then you can say that your air conditioning unit definitely needs a replacement.

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