4 Major Reasons Homeowners Should Schedule an A/C Tune-up this Summer

4 Major Reasons Homeowner Should Schedule an A/C Tune-up this Summer

As the rising temperatures emerge across Long Island, many homeowners turn to their air conditioning systems without inspection or tune-up. Big mistake. Not only could it turn your cool home into a stifling nightmare, but it also causes a sudden spike in your energy bills. Scheduling a professional service this summer can save you from a whole lot of stress! A summer tune-up is highly recommended because of the following valuable advantages:

      1. Serious Savings

Summer is in full bloom on Long Island and the days can get downright hot. Homeowners need to schedule an A/C tune-up to keep their equipment running efficiently. Scheduling a professional service with us at All Seasons Air Conditioning can optimize the performance of your system, which can translate into great savings down the road.

      2. Improved Efficiency

When your central air conditioner or ductless system on Long Island loses its efficiency, it probably needs expensive repairs or it’s already on the verge of breaking down. A summer tune-up will help you keep your air conditioning system in top working performance no matter how high the temperatures get. After your tune-up with our experts at All Seasons Air Conditioning, the chance of costly repairs will be less severe because all the minor issues have been addressed.

      3. Better IAQ

An A/C tune-up in the summer not only helps you keep your system in top working order, but it also helps you improve your IAQ (indoor air quality). This is particularly beneficial to homeowners with a family member suffering from airborne allergies. Let our professional service specialists improve the air you breathe!

      4. Extended Longevity

Just like other types of mechanical equipment, your HAVC system needs regular maintenance to extend its life. Your air conditioner has been working hard to keep you cool and comfortable, and it has been exposed to all sorts of elements such as grime and dust. Get your professional service today to prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs and extend your system’s longevity.

Get relief from the sticky summer on Long Island! Call us at (631)593-0407 or contact us online to schedule your summer tune-up today! Hurry! Spots are filling quickly!

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