Planning a Vacation? Pack Your Bags… the Right Way!

Ask any seasoned traveler for some advice when packing for your summer vacation and you’ll likely be told that ‘less is more.’ While each airline sets their own prices, the average cost to check a bag at the airport now ranges from $25.00-$50.00 each way. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your significant other or with your spouse and children, these fees add up quickly and can put a strain on your budget if you haven’t already factored them in. Especially if you’re concerned about staying on track with your vacation budget you may want to consider condensing your luggage to just a carry on but… “wear” to start?

Check the weather at your destination a few days before departing and use this information to help guide and limit your packing choices. Always bring at least one wardrobe option that you will be comfortable in if the weather changes drastically from what you were anticipating. A pair of pants and a sweatshirt may be useful if the evening temperatures at your tropical destination are cooler than you’d expected and can double as your travel attire, allowing you to shed layers as necessary.

Spend some time thinking about the type of vacation you want to have and pack accordingly. Trekking through ancient ruins requires different apparel than sliding up to the poolside bar or chasing children around a Disney park for a week. Whatever your activity level will be, you’ll want to ensure you’re properly prepared.

Consider re-wearing some outfits to save on space. If your accommodations have in unit laundry or you can send your clothes to the hotel laundering service, this can be a convenient way to save some space while packing. Choose a few versatile pieces and build different looks around those wardrobe staples. There is no need to sacrifice style while on vacation if you do some planning beforehand.

Don’t forget your feet! Footwear is an essential component of any stylish look but if you’re not careful it can also eat up a lot of space in that carry on. Sneakers take up a lot more real estate than flip-flops so if it’s practical, wear those through the airport and you can easily change into something else once you’ve reached your final destination.

An added advantage of packing light is that it will not only keep extra money in your pocket but it will also reduce the amount of time you spend in the airport waiting for your luggage and eliminate the chance of it getting lost, which is every traveler’s nightmare.

Bon voyage!