Make Your Next Summer BBQ Stress-Free With These Easy Tips!

Planning and hosting a backyard barbeque can be quite the undertaking for even the most experienced host. While the grilling season is well underway for the summer of 2018, it is far from over and it is never too late to both hone your craft and streamline your event. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips for hosting the perfect backyard barbeque.

The first aspect to consider when hosting a backyard barbeque is the guest list. A smaller, more intimate gather of close friends or family may prove to be a more enjoyable event for everyone. There are more opportunities to engage in conversation with each member of the group and it is likely that the host will feel less pressure preparing for a smaller group rather than a larger group. Furthermore, if the weather proves to be uncooperative, moving a smaller event inside is much less of a hassle.

Once you have settled on your guest list, it is time to take into consideration any glaring dietary concerns that you are aware of in advance. It would be uncouth to serve an array of smoked meats to a group with several vegetarian diners but at the same time it is also unrealistic for your guests to expect you to cater to every possible dietary request. Striking a balance between being a considerate host and made to order chef will further serve to reduce your stress levels.

Now it is time to start building your menu. We advise starting with a simple appetizer such as raw vegetables and dip or a charcuterie platter so that guests have something to munch on while you prepare for the main event. We also suggest that you prepare for your barbeque much the way a professional caterer would handle your event. What we mean by this is that you should limit your choices to a couple from each category, for example, one or two meats, two salad options and two additional side dishes.

For example, chicken and steak tips will please almost any guest, especially when paired with a colorful garden salad and a capellini salad. Finally, a grilled pineapple or zucchini brushed in olive oil and garlic keeps the meal light while at the same time your guests satisfied.

Choosing to provide dessert is an offering that we think guests will appreciate though, again, we suggest keeping it simple if you decide to go this route. Some freshly cut fruit is not only a sweet ending to a delicious summertime meal but also a healthy option for the more body-conscious diners on your guest list.

Now that we’ve covered the basics from start to finish, invite some friends over, make a trip to the garden and grocery store and enjoy a beautiful evening outdoors with great good and even better company.

Bon appétit!