Dry Winter Air Making Your Home Uncomfortable? Home Humidification Can Help.

Have you noticed that during the cold winter months the air in your home becomes significantly drier? Telltale signs include dry skin, static cling, sneezing, coughing and the general discomforts that go along with these signs. You might even notice that your wooden furniture and floorboards are creaking, and perhaps even showing signs of cracking. All of these signs point to overly dry air in your home, but fortunately there is a solution – whole house humidification.

Whole house humidifiers are much different than the humidifiers that plug into the wall and only keep one area humidified at a time. A whole house humidifier is installed directly to your home’s HVAC system. It infuses humidified air throughout your home via your ductwork, and your thermostat controls the humidity level. According to the website of home improvement guru Bob Vila, a whole house humidifier provides numerous benefits to homeowners.

Better Creature Comfort

If the air in your home is overly dry, it can be a nuisance to just about everyone living there, but it can be especially detrimental to the people who suffer from allergies or asthma. And, generally speaking everyone will suffer from dry noses and throats, as well as itchy, flaky skin. Additionally, there are those unpleasant static electricity zaps that happen when the air is too dry!

Improved Personal Health

Believe it or not, there are many viruses that do well in drier conditions – and that can make you and your loved ones more susceptible to respiratory conditions, flu and colds. Dried out mucus membranes in the nose and throat can also increase the chance of infection. Humidified air can alleviate some of these winter discomforts.

Increased Home Health

Here, we’re not talking about your personal wellbeing. We’re talking about your home’s health. Dry air can cause some damage, especially to wooden items like flooring, furniture and some musical instruments, like pianos and guitars. It can even wreak havoc with your electronics, art, paint and wallboard. Wood needs the right level of humidity to stay sound and beautiful for years to come.

Energy Savings

Think about it – an 80-degree day with high humidity feels much warmer than an 80-degree day when the air is dry. That’s because when air is slightly more humid, it feels warmer. So when you have a whole house humidifier for your home, the air will feel warmer at a lower temperature. The EPA says that for every degree you lower your thermostat, you can save up to four percent on your energy bills.

If you think it might be time for whole house humidification for your home, count on All Seasons – the comfort control people! We’ll help you with all of your air quality needs. Just give us a call at 631.694.1616 and we’ll be pleased to assist you.