Apple vs. Pumpkin: We’ll Let You Decide!

When the leaves start to change and the temperature begins to dip, does your mind wander to the tastes and smells of autumn? Are you an apple cinnamon consumer or a pumpkin spice person? Do these preferences extend beyond your morning beverage choices? In this article we are going to shy away from the coffee debate and explore some other fall inspired apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice recipes.

We’ve all had the traditional apple pie or apple crisps and pumpkin pie with a warm maple syrup drizzle, but where do you turn when you need a change from those tried and true, but also predictable, fall desserts? From time to time we need a break from our go-to recipes and need to expand our repertoire. We recently decided to explore seasonally flavored cheesecake recipes from Taste of Home for both an apple cinnamon cheesecake and pumpkin cheesecake and to say that we were not disappointed would certainly be an understatement.

We will first dive into this apple cinnamon cheesecake with its dense crust comprised of brown sugar, cinnamon, crushed walnuts, oats, butter and flour. While this is a deviation from a more common graham cracker crust, we certainly think it’s something you should try at least once. The combination of flavors lends itself to a cozy Sunday afternoon on the couch, in an oversized sweater indulging in deliciousness while binging your favorite show. The filling consists of the rich, creamy texture that’s expected from a cheesecake but the real winner in this recipe is the topping. You’ll be serving your cheesecake with warm, sautéed apples bathed in a cinnamon glaze. We suggest a generous serving size for the topping because those warm apples are simply irresistible.

With this pumpkin cheesecake recipe, we are again steering away from the graham cracker crust that you may expect to find accompanying your dessert. Instead, we choose a recipe that rewards your taste buds a bit more with its crushed gingersnap and pecan crust medley. This buttery combination is the perfect base layer for the rest of what’s to come, which is a rich, thick, pumpkin dense filling that is enough to induce a long weekend nap. As the recipe suggests, we also recommend serving this delectable dessert with a topping of choice, perhaps even a combination of toppings. Our personal favorite is to outline the cheesecake with an extra creamy whipped topping border, sprinkled with leftover gingersnap cookie crumbs and, once plated, drizzle it with a warm chocolate sauce.

There is no end to delicious fall inspired desserts to tempt and treat yourself and your loved ones with this season. Just be sure to save us a slice for when we stop in for your annual fall maintenance! Just call 631.694.1616 to schedule your tune-up today.